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ClimateGPT by Erasmus.AI

A Climate Experiment

Meet ClimateGPT

Generating answers for Climate intelligence

ClimateGPT as the first dedicated and rigorous Climate AI will be invaluable to climate researchers, educators and policy makers. Add this tool to your arsenal in the battle for sane and scientific climate action.

Paul Shrivastava, Ph.D.

Co-President, The Club of Rome

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Decoding Complexities

Wondering how events in Egypt could trigger a financial crisis in America? We connect the dots, providing insights that empower decision-makers, enablers, and enthusiasts alike.

Superhuman Insight at Your Fingertips

No more drowning in generalized information. ClimateGPT leverages machine intelligence, social insights, and community wisdom to curate accurate, timely information for decision-makers, enablers, and enthusiasts.

Built for the Community, with the Community

Our mission is to accelerate the fight against the climate crisis by intertwining social intelligence into our platform. We're not just building for you; we're building with you.

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Our partners

We built our models and platform in partnership with organizations like Club of Rome. Are you interested in how Climate AI can accelerate your mission for Climate Transition?

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Our vision is clear: to build bridges, encourage holistic comprehension and empower people to navigate the complexities around climate with a nuanced perspective.

Daniel Erasmus

CEO, Erasmus.AI

Our upcoming features

Our ongoing commitment to improvement means we're launching features that redefine your experience. Whether it's research, reports, comparisons, or gaining a clearer picture of connections between information snippets, ClimateGPT is your all-encompassing solution.

Sourcing & Citation of Answers

Embedded tools for analysis & reporting

Illustration depicting a battery

Multimodal & Visual Support for responses