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ClimateGPT by Erasmus.AI

A Climate Experiment

Our Story

50+1 years ago,

a pivotal study, the Limits to Growth by the Club of Rome, reshaped our understanding of our life on Earth. It kickstarted the environmental movement, and we in partnership launched a new model. Not just an Earth-X model, but a new way to see solutions…

Four years before the Limits to Growth the world saw the Earth rise for the first time. Apollo 8's Earth rise above the Moon transformed how we saw ourselves and our thinking stretched the horizon to the Whole Earth.

It urged us to think beyond borders, to see ourselves as part of a connected whole. Why? The winds of change were blowing fast—climate change was upon us, demanding a new way of thinking.

Fast forward to today,

We find ourselves in a new era. We've harnessed the power of Artificial Intelligence to forge a bridge to a different tomorrow, a tomorrow where solutions are not just answers but pieces of a complex puzzle.

The view that changes us is a collection of everything we know about the transformation ahead- a vast collection of millions and millions of articles we have spent the last decade and a half assembling.

Our mission isn't just to present a singular solution but to embrace the journey of small victories and, yes, some failures too. We're not just in search of answers; we're uncovering connections. Our curated knowledge isn't a static picture; it's a dynamic representation of the intricate dance between success and setback.


The information we've gathered isn't just data; it's a lens through which we navigate the challenges of our interconnected world. ClimateGPT aims to be more than a platform; it's social intelligence interwoven into our technology, an endeavor to decode the complexities of our time.

As we venture into this new age, our aim is clear: to provide you with a different perspective, to show you not only the solutions but the very process of discovery. Because in the grand tapestry of knowledge, every thread counts. We're building a bridge to tomorrow, not just for us but for the generations yet to come.